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Install AV

Our expertise lies in providing corporate audio-visual solution driven products that include state-of-the-art technologies to improve communication, teamwork, and presentation in professional settings. The innovative new technological breakthroughs improve learning aids and capacity enhancement in the field of education in addition to improving experiencing facilities like lounges, hotels, and houses of worship.

Board room & Conference room

Board room & Conference room integration combines audiovisual technology with the physical space and infrastructure of a board room. Our offerings allow for seamless communication, collaboration, and presentation experiences during board meetings. AV integration in board rooms and conference rooms aims to enhance communication, improve collaboration, and streamline workflows during meetings.
By seamlessly integrating technology with the physical space, organizations can create a professional and efficient environment for their members and facilitate productive decision-making processes.

Huddle room & Collaboration space

Collaboration rooms and huddle spaces have become increasingly popular in modern workplaces. These spaces are designed to facilitate teamwork, brainstorming sessions, and ad-hoc meetings in a more relaxed and informal setting. To enhance collaboration, audiovisual technology plays a crucial role in these spaces.
The use of our offerings in collaboration rooms and huddle spaces is aimed at fostering teamwork, creativity, and productivity. By providing seamless connectivity, interactive displays, and effective communication tools, AV integration enhances collaboration and enables teams to work together efficiently and produce impactful outcomes

Command Centre, NOC & SOC

A command centre is a centralized space where information is gathered, analysed, and disseminated to support decision-making and operational activities. It serves as the nerve centre for organizations such as emergency services, security operations, transportation management, and other mission-critical functions. An audio-visual system is an essential component of a modern command centre, providing the capability to display, share, and analyse various types of information, including real-time data, video feeds, and other media.
Our array of products help integrate a robust audio-visual system within a command centre enhances operational effectiveness, decision-making, and collaboration. By providing a comprehensive view of critical information and fostering seamless communication, the cutting-edge features of our products are essential for organizations that require rapid response and situational awareness.

Training Room & Cafeteria

Audio-visual technology in training rooms plays a crucial role in facilitating effective learning and knowledge transfer. Well-designed AV systems can accommodate various learning styles and enhance engagement through interactive presentations, video conferencing, and multimedia content.
In cafeterias, audio-visual technology can create an inviting atmosphere, promote communication, and provide entertainment for employees during breaks and meal times. While the primary focus in cafeterias may be on entertainment and information dissemination, the AV setup should still be designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
Our carefully chosen product portfolio plays a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality and ambiance of training rooms and cafeterias within a corporate environment.

Lounge and Hospitality

Audio visuals play a significant role in the night life and hotel industry, enhancing the overall guest experience and creating a unique atmosphere.
Many nightclubs and hotels host live performances, DJ sets, and other forms of entertainment. Audio visual technology, including high-quality sound systems, stage lighting, and video displays, is critical in delivering engaging and immersive entertainment experiences for patrons.
In hotel rooms, audio visual systems can provide entertainment options such as high-definition televisions, streaming services, and integrated sound systems. These systems contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable guest experience during their stay.
We provide equipment that helps create the atmosphere, entertainment, and guest experience in night life venues and hotels.

Experience Centre

Experience centre welcomes visitors by a dynamic blend of sights and sounds. High-definition displays, interactive touchscreens, and state-of-the-art audio systems work together to convey information in a compelling manner. The use of ambient lighting further enhances the atmosphere, setting the tone for the overall experience.
Our cutting-edge audio and visual products like the spatial depth sound systems and appropriate form factor displays are incorporated and strategically placed to transport visitors into different realms, whether it's the heart of a bustling city, the depths of a jungle, or the vastness of outer space. This creates a seamless narrative, immersing visitors in a storyline that unfolds before their eyes and ears. Thus, by leveraging cutting-edge audio-visual elements, these centres offer an immersive journey that stimulates the senses, educates, and entertains.

Multipurpose Hall, Large Venue and Auditorium

Multipurpose Hall: A multipurpose hall is designed as a flexible space for community gatherings, workshops, exhibitions, and more with emphasis is on adaptability. The venue should be equipped with a modular audio system, adjustable lighting, and versatile display options to seamlessly cater to diverse requirements.
Auditorium: The audio-visual setup in an auditorium is crucial for creating an immersive experience. High-quality sound systems, acoustically treated spaces, and strategically placed speakers are essential to ensure clear and crisp audio throughout the venue.
Large Venues:Large venues, such as convention centres or sports arenas, demand a comprehensive approach to audio-visual elements due to their expansive size and diverse usage. These spaces require robust sound systems that can cover vast areas without compromising clarity.

Our comprehensive product basket offers end to end products to suit your style of designing of these complex and large facilities.

Staging and Rental

Keeping the audience enthralled and capturing their imagination is the essence of entertainment. Our tireless efforts are directed at providing best in class live performance products towards fulfilling your desire of being lavished with amazing experiences.


Audio is a critical component of any event, influencing the overall atmosphere and audience engagement. Rental and staging companies offer a range of audio solutions tailored to the specific needs of each event. This includes high-quality sound systems, microphones, mixers, and amplifiers. Expert technicians collaborate with event organizers to design audio setups that suit the venue size, acoustics, and the nature of the event. Whether it's a clear and crisp sound for a corporate presentation or a powerful audio experience for a live concert, these services provide the necessary equipment and technical support to ensure flawless execution.


Lighting is instrumental in setting the mood, creating ambiance, and directing the audience's attention during events. Rental and staging companies offer an extensive range of lighting solutions, including intelligent lighting fixtures, LED panels, spotlights, and special effects. Lighting designers work closely with event planners to design and implement dynamic lighting schemes that complement the overall theme and objectives of the event. From subtle and sophisticated corporate presentations to vibrant and immersive concert experiences, the right lighting enhances the visual impact and ensures a captivating audience experience.

Live Display

Live displays, such as LED video walls, projection screens, and interactive displays, have become integral to modern events. These displays provide a platform for visual presentations, branding, and dynamic content delivery. Rental and staging services offer a diverse array of display technologies, including high-resolution LED screens and projection mapping capabilities. Skilled technicians collaborate with event organizers to determine the optimal Placement and configuration of displays, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. This is particularly crucial for events with large audiences or complex visual requirements, such as trade shows or product launches

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